invoke-Confusion .NET attacker of Powershell Remotely


Introduction extremely a splendid
Invoke-Confusion is collections of modules Powershell inclusive some researches the modern between them .NET Reflection. Assembly, however, It contains aspects of many units .NET arbitrariness Powershell although our partner in .NET today is @bohops  I’ll display what he has concerning .NET Powershell

Remarking of import Powershell beginning of the loading invoke-Confusion you must choose to load an alongside a focus on strategies .NET Powershell
|=   PowerAvails  =|
|=                            =|

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Remarking ( )
That’s not all, we’ll use the three of modules inside an invoke-Confusion they are both invoke-COMScriptlet remote executing invoke-ConfusionJS JavaScript execution of locally and remotely and invoke-VBNET ShellExecute RefAssembly

is a function of loaded via Microsoft.JScript.Eval for executing by ( Microsoft.JScript.Vsa.VsaEngine ) So, you can be implementing javascript code


This is the value to manually executing concerning JavaScript also We’ll using these methods besides an invoke-Confusion I will arrange clarifying

1 Invoke-Confusion it’s very clear regarding ( Reflection.Assembly ) 

2 We’ll use invoke-Confusion to the purpose it is comfortable

3 Invoke-ConfusionJS simplistically of usage

invoke-ConfusionJS -Command 'var invokeMethod = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");invokeMethod.Run("calc.exe")'

Notice of the executing remotely JavaScript also you shouldn’t forget you are aware concerning Invoke-ConfusionJS is inclusive to executing another remotely for example of simplistically, you can create URL using GitHub regarding of code JavaScript


invoke-ConfusionJS -Remote

So, what concerning an invoke-COMScriptlet it drags the file to put it beside an interpreter COM and remotely shape using RefAssembly Microsoft.VisualBasic


Noticeable of the use
When you taking scriptlet to put it on PowerShell  you’ll notice Exec is existent in end line that’s a function of Scriptlet code PowerShell it executing a scriptlet via invocation exec from the function COM Object Exec


Remarking else
Again We’ll use another module ShellExecute of Microsoft.VisualBasic.interaction also with this pictures I’m going to clarifying how can you use Invoke-Confusion and usage manually concerning Powershell,


References =>

Download PowerAvails Powershell =>


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