CS3 INFScript backdoors Side INFScript

Subject About Stager-Payload inSide INFScript in (  CS3 Cobalt-Strike3 ) With some escape from the glasses Bule Teamer Using INFScript This is intended to develop an economy in CS3 From About Payload, ( Considered INF Script File Of the basics in Windows/7/8/10 )
INF Script File ?

Is a file having a property Running Mode install Programs in Windows It is reliable is it’s safe, his have a special syllabus in programming Reverse other stuff Files, But today I am showing some terrible things to implement VIa INFScript using RunOne.exe SetUp inSide INFScript File To Launcher Execution Programs Using RunOnce Code Setup in INF Script File

Screenshot from 2018-03-24 21-47-29


You can use CS3 Stager in INFScript Web-Delivery Or PowerShell-Stager Normal in INF-Script File For Execute Payload CS3 With use Tools INFDefaultinstall.exe it give high Powers With Running With Give some concealment From the Detect It operates under under the lot’s from operations Stager-CS3 Payload, Note the image after which give Privileges high, Tool INFDefaultinstall.exe It can only be run Via Privileges height
Administrator To Running  INF Script Files
Screenshot from 2018-03-24 22-00-32
Screenshot from 2018-03-24 21-57-54
Note:> Some Method About Execution My INFScript DLL in Cmd Running Rundll32.exe :>
cmd.exe :> rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 C:\INFPS.inf
Screenshot from 2018-03-24 22-10-17

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