invoke-Confusion .NET attacker of Powershell Remotely

Introduction extremely a splendid Invoke-Confusion is collections of modules Powershell inclusive some researches the modern between them .NET Reflection. Assembly, however, It contains aspects of many units .NET arbitrariness Powershell although our partner in .NET today is @bohops  I’ll display what he has concerning .NET Powershell Remarking of import Powershell beginning of the loading invoke-Confusion you must choose […]

CS3 INFScript backdoors Side INFScript

introduction Subject About Stager-Payload inSide INFScript in (  CS3 Cobalt-Strike3 ) With some escape from the glasses Bule Teamer Using INFScript This is intended to develop an economy in CS3 From About Payload, ( Considered INF Script File Of the basics in Windows/7/8/10 ) INF Script File ? Is a file having a property Running […]

Lateral Movement Using internetexplorer.Application Object ( COM )

introduction Use Object COM ( InternetExplorer.Application ) For Execute using Types Exploit-internet Explorer For Execute ==> in Add On Internet Explorer For Get Execute Code using Lateral Movement ( The Component Object Model COM ) in PowerShell Lateral Movement:>  Are the techniques that specialize in access to resources, and applications and the implementation of code […]